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LiliWeddingRome Agriturism Wedding

We help our clients to visualise and create weddings that keep eco-sustainability and budget in mind.

Beach Wedding

liliweddingrome beach weddings

Would you ever thought that choosing Rome as destination it would allow you to celebrate your wedding on the beach?

Castles and Boroughs

liliweddingrome castles and villas wedding

The countryside is full of medieval villages and castles full of history that can be used as a location for weddings.

Roof Garden Wedding

LiliWedddingRome Roof Garden Weddings

Choosing a roofgarden for a wedding in Rome is a privileged place from where you can enjoy the eternal city

Villas and Historical Residences

liliweddingrome villas and historical residences

Organize a wedding in one of these villas and historical residences is a really chic and magic experience

Museums and Co.

LiliWeddingRome Museums Wedding

If the traditional marriage is not for you and you consider yourself an “outsider” couple, we have some options

Lisa and Pablo Beach Wedding in Ostia-Lido

Pablo and I, wanted to say THANK YOU for all that you have done for us! We continually talk about how everything turned out beyond our expectation. Andrea, the driver was excellent, our location was beautiful, the flowers were amazing, and of course, you were wonderful and did an absolutely fantastic job! we loved as well Fabio, who takes grat pictures!!!!Thank you, it wouldn't have been half as nice without you!

Choose The Best Location for Your Wedding in Rome

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If you are planning your wedding in Rome, don't miss the chance to receive this unique guide that will help you find the suitable venue for your wedding!

Sonia and OrazioBeach Wedding in Fregene

We could not possibly have made a better choice. Our first correspondence was via e-mail. We simply inquired about various possibilities and probable costs. We received an answer back within hours, and so started the beginnings of what turned out to be a wonderful relationship. The person who we would be dealing with was Paola. She answered every question we could throw at her, and believe me, we had a LOT of questions. With every email, Paola e Cristina earned our trust more and more. Everything was going as planned until we were walking back to our hotel the night before the wedding and everything was great! So thank you. Deeply!!!

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