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Don’t be taken in by appearances!

Hi Lili Wedding Rome friends,

I am finally back from my holiday and I can sit in front of my computer to spend some time on our blog. This year I have treated myself with a splendid holiday in Mexico shared with 4 of good girlfriends of mine. We visited amazing places, met incredible people, we relaxed, we had such a great fun and even proved ourselves.

The holiday that meant to be a simple one fo rswitching my mind off, turned out to be a trip that would change my point of view on the world for goods. The main thing I have learnt is that we should NOT judge people by appearances.

Actually, let's use an American Indian saying: " BEFORE JUDGING SOMEONE, WALK ON HIS MOCASSIN FOR THREE LUNAR CYCLES".

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Sometimes it looks like we are giving this for granted, but I have realised we DON'T!! We often label people we don't know simply because we let ourselves influenced by other people belief. Most of the times, we don't let a person approach us because he/she doesn't look right or seems superficial. Basically, we let our ways to be lead by superficial look rather than by awareness.

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This doesn't mean that we don't must listen to our instics, when probably the forst impression is the right one; however, sometimes when we let this wall of preconceptions fall down, we will find ourselves in the best experience of our life.....moment in which you find another undiscovered world! The same thing happens to love stories......

I am thinking about it, and you?


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