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Calculation or chances?

If you are lucky enough to have many girls friends and mainly, if you can spend a night with 11 of them all singles in front of a good bottle of wine (which it will help you to share confessions), it means you are a very lucky one and undoubtedly you have good stuff to write and think about.


My consideration today is still another one about a fling I recently had but didn't lead to anything . There has been countless dates: from the one with the guy you fancied a lot but couldn't make any correct sentence or the only point of conversation was football game to the one with the narcissist; from the shy or the angry one with the entire world to the good father of a family, or the one who doesn't want to have a family at all; or the perfect one...who is the one you don't fancy at all!

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To agree on the same point the all 11 of us wasn't easy but, but we finally agreed on one thing: how difficult is to find the right person, the one who will make us fall deeply in love and will allow us to share the life together.

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how and which characteristics need to be in one man ( or woman ) to make us fall in love? How come sometimes we fall for men ( or women ) who don't deserve us and we don't care about who could actually make us happy?

I am a romantic one and I believe this is not about peculiarities but about chances; I think we fall in love with the wrong one because it will allow us to make experience so we will be able to recognise the good one.

I believe that is life that will put that person on our way just at the right time, when we will be ready for him and we can accept all his virtues and vices. I know I am incurable; for this reason I need your help! Please let us know what you think about it and make your comments. Lili Wedding Rome's brides we will wait for your answers.

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