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Overhanging decorations

Overhanging decorations

Immersed in the organization of a new marriage, we came across an unusual request. The bride wants to decorate every corner of the location that we proposed …….. EVERYWHERE, including the ceiling of the room where there will be the dancing party. So we thought it might be interesting to write a post on overhanging decorations.When it comes to trimming your wedding, the ceiling may not be the first thing you think about. But it may not be the last, either. ( it has happened to us). Making use of the ceiling to drop decorations has become a popular tendency in the wedding industry over the past few years, and we can’t get enough of these stunning floating displays and overhanging decorations! The ceiling offers…

European Wedding Traditions

european wedding traditions

Wedding traditions aren’t just limited to tossing bouquet and wearing something old, new, borrowed and blue, like italians do but there are many disparate ways to say “I do” and the “fil rouge” of those tradition is always LOVE. When love and happiness ever after are the outcomes, it’s a win-win for BRIDES AND GROOMS.We’ve rounded some european inspiring rituals from different countries to give you an idea of what’s happening beyond your backyard. If you’re particularly magical by a certain practice, feel free to adopt it for your own “I do” even if it’s outside your heritage. When it comes to love and weddings, there are no borders.Greece – the groom’s day also has a sweet side: His new mother-in-law will feed him honey…

Succulents for summer weddings

succulents for your wedding

​ In this hot summer and close to the summer holidays I am looking for a solution for our bride who has booked with us a wedding in the middle of summer, next year.What to recommend as decorations for the reception and for the church? I think that some cacti are as useful as they are fashionable. Just like the weather, wedding season starts to heat up in mid-to-late June, but high temps and sticky humidity don’t have to put a obstacle on your big day. For the most part, managing high temperatures easy for a good wedding planner, but when it comes to flowers, you don’t have many options, and you cannot move the party inside and turning up the Air conditioned.While heat resistant…

Oscar De La Renta Bridal collection 2016

Oscar De La Renta Bridal Collection

​​ At the New York International Bridal Week, Peter Copping, the new creative director of the fashion house Oscar de la Renta, has debuted a few days ago with his first Oscar de la Renta bridal collection spring 2016. Peter Copping, 48 year old Englishman, was designated as his successor by Oscar de la Renta himself, a week before his death, last October 2014. In his first collection dedicated to brides, signed by Oscar de la Renta, Peter Copping has presented 23 models from a wide variety of fabrics and silhouettes, managing wisely the style of the famous fashion designer from Santo Domingo without giving up a touch of innovation. He doesn’t miss loose clothing, short wedding dresses, knee-length, tea-length models and the more classic…

Save money for your wedding dress

​ Today I was surfing on the internet to look for some good ideas on how to spend a little money for a wedding dress and I found this story. ​ ​ ​I would like to share It with you. Chi Krneta went famous on the net, with her wedding dress and the outcome is simply fabulous. She has been working on this stunning crochet dress everyday during her bus ride for five months. Once the dress was completed, Krneta sewed a simple dress lining to wear under the crocheted part. The whole dress only cost her $30 to create it, and that’s including the fabric for the lining. She published her handmade wedding-dress on REDDIT, the great web – community that allows users to…

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