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Zero Km’s banqueting

I often talk about Lili Wedding Rome and its services with people and when I explain that we arrange for green weddings as well, I can see we suddenly get their attention. They first ask what that means and then how we can transform a traditional wedding into an eco-friendly one. There would be many things that will make the subject clearer, but today I’d like to start from the “zero km’s concept”. The zero km’s agriculture is a green consuming philosophy: the small farms open their doors to consumers and allow them to buy their products without going through the big retailing chain. The zero km’s products are considered those delivered in less than 70 km’s away from where they have been produced to…

1920’s Marriage

Look perfect for an elegant and sensual bride to be When I was a child, I was dreaming of having a fairytale wedding with many guests, princely gifts, but mostly imagined that I’d wear a beautiful dress, with a legacy to rival the Princess Kate, rich lace, pearls, and yards and yards of tulle …. Now, considering that I reached thirty-four years and not receiving a shadow of a proposal, I still imagine how it will be my wedding day and although I’d love a fairytale princess dress, probably would clash a bit with my age, with the style of my life and probably also with the woman I’ve become today. So what shall we do? Which dress does not look an expired wedding favor?…

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