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Happy San Valentine’s day from Lili Wedding Rome

Dear friends, have you thought about my question then? Here is again: what drives the lovers to take the plunge? I have gathered your thoughts and all seem perfectly valid: Monique is telling me that one has to believe in something, so I might as well believe in the indissoluble union of love and eternity. Richard believes that marriage is the sublimation of love (but he is a poet and I don’t really understand what he meant but it’s fine!!!); others say that being in a marriage feel safer and more secure; those who chooses to bind both because then you can go back and those who do not choose, because they can’t go back. Someone else, like Francesca wants to get married because “it…

Ideas in my mind!!

Anna, the lovely bride to be, who will get married in Rome, thanks to Lili Wedding Rome in December, has started her hunt for the dress. Together with Paola, the wedding planner here in London, and her mum, Anna has gone around shops, read brides magazine and gone to few wedding fairs to see the new trends and what fashion could offer in 2012. Anna doesn’t want to wear a bridal veil, so we need to find something original to replace it! In order to be helpful, I went on the web and looked for something new. A stylist from Milan, Alessandra Zanaria, creates incredible accessories for the bride completely personalised in any details. Enjoy it!  

Favors made by heart

This afternoon, I passed by one of my Mum’s friend since I hadn’t seen her in a long while. She has a lovely Nordic style’s house, with loads of grey and cream colour cushions, white frames, little 1920’s bird cages hanged all over the place, small hearts shaped hand soaps, satin and lace magazine racks. Each time I step into that house it looks like entering another world and get stuck by the thousands objects that surround me. In particular, she has little hearts made of cloth and fabric hanged at the door handles and on the walls, with delicate colours; they look like perfect little favours for those brides who are very romantic and love this style. They are not too expensive and if…

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