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Agriturismo Wedding

Get back to nature! We’ll plan your eco-friendly wedding reception on a Working Farm!

Lili Wedding Rome Agriturismo Wedding

We help our clients to visualise and create weddings that keep eco-sustainability and budget in mind. 

Imagine… a beautiful spring morning, you arrive at the church by bicycle, an electric car or a horse drawn carriage; the bride’s dress, a family heirloom, re-done, unique for the occasion. The church altar or the entrance of the town hall is decorated with beautiful ornamental flowers and plants which will be replanted (not thrown away, but given to your guests as wedding gifts along with jars of home-made jam), and the natural light comes through ancient stained glass windows with small, tasteful candles that only enhance the natural surroundings of your special union.

If that is how you imagine your wedding, a working farm is the best solution.

The prices are slightly lower than other venues and also allow you to create simple menu with flavours of the region as often the ingredients are cultivated on site.

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Borgo della Cartiera Pontificia

destination wedding

Villa Rosa Antica

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Vecchio Borgo

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