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Castle and Boroughs

Knights in shining armour! We’ll plan your wedding in a castle

Lili Wedding Rome castle & borough

The Roman countryside is full of medieval villages and fortified castles full of history that can be used as a location for weddings. For those who love the stories of Dames and Knights, the history and the medieval architecture or for those who dream a fairy-tale wedding, this is the right idea for you!

The way these spaces are arranged will let you organize weddings for many people, but also for a restricted groups of guests.

With our partners we made agreements that enable us, in some cases, to significantly reduce the price spent on renting and to create a bespoke package for our customers.

Very often the villages belong to the wineries of the roman catslesi area; therefore you are assured the quality of wines are excellent! 

destination wedding

Castello della Spizzichina

destination wedding

Castello di Tor Crescenza

destination wedding

Castello di Montignano

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