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Wedding Bends & Engagement rings

wedding bend

Today I received a picture from one of our bride to be…….a beautiful Irish girl. 

She wanted to share with me her shiny and bright engagement ring and asked me whether she should wear her engagement ring every day even after getting married.

Wow! She gave me the occasion to talk about engagement rings…love it!!!

wedding bend

Each couple has its own traditions and preferences, and the choice to wear both wedding bands and engagement rings on a daily basis as a personal and specific choice. Some brides decide to wear their band and engagement ring together each day, while others may only wear their engagement rings for special occasions whilst walking out with just their wedding band.

However, choosing which practice suits your desires best, depends on three key factors:

The supposed safety of wearing a precious ring on a daily basis, the practicality of using the ring everyday, your beliefs.

So beautiful bride to be:

1) Think about the security of wearing your engagement ring on a daily basis. If you travel regularly for work or often find yourself in places where pickpocketing is a pain, leaving your ring safely at home may be a clever decision.

2) Next, carefully consider the size and design of your ring. A considerably sized, multi-carat ring may be too excessive for everyday wear. In such cases, locking away the ring in a safety deposit box or jewelry ribcage is a good option as well.

3) Finally, before making your decision, discuss with your husband-to-be about his feelings on the matter. An engagement ring and wedding ring are symbolic of the union between a married couple, and therefore should be treated as more than beautiful jewels to be removed on a caprice. If your husband supports your decision to remove your engagement ring, by all means only wear your wedding band.

wedding bends

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