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Escort cards for your italian wedding

What escort cards are?

They are cards that are used to inform your guests of their given table whilst place cards are to let your guests know of their assigned seat at that table.

escort cards italian

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The words you would use on each card is the guests' name and then table number 1 (or the table to which they have been assigned to). The way you would address the cards would be

Escort cards italian

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•Cristina Liva- the full name of your single guest

•Mr & Mrs. Andrea Feroci - for a married couple

•Paola Lizza & Guest - if an invitee has brought with them a guest whose name you do not know

escort cards

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Escort cards italian

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There are many ways in which you can display the escort cards: on a table outside of the banqueting room in which the wedding reception will be done.

Another idea regarding the escort cards is to use place card holders to display the cards on a table. You can use pine cones, bottle caps, stones, potted plants!

Please remember to display the names in alphabetical order by the last name, so that the cards are easy for your guests to find.

You could also use candles in mason jars and attach clear labels on which to print the names and table assignments. Your guests would then take the lit candles to the table adding to the table decor.

Escort cards italian

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If your reception venue has a fountain or small reflecting pool of some sort, you could place flowers and floating candles in the water. Then you could float the cards on saucers and have your guests retrieve their cards from the water. This solution is not so easy but it is absolutely fun!!!

The escort cards could be different from paper cards! Any object on which you can write on or on which you can attach a message will be fine. Also custom matchboxes, even an apple or a lemon!

escort cards italian

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escort cards italian

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escort cards italian

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My favourite idea is the “ soft drink or prosecco” escort card: as well as conducting your guests at the right table, refresh them or heat up, depending on the season.

These ideas can be used or built upon to come up with a new idea. Just remember that the key to making your cards unique is to make the display as creative as possible.

escort cards italian

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