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Gay Wedding in London: how can we do it?

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Lili Wedding Rome friends, Happy Belated New Year! Sorry for being so late to post our first article of the year, but we took some time off to rest and recharge our batteries for a truly new 2013 start!! Among the news we wish to point out, the most important one is the big work we are doing for our gay lovers in Italy.

There are several agencies involved in organizing symbolic ceremonies for gay people, since in our country, unfortunately, the marriage between people of the same sex is not allowed. Lili Wedding Rome instead, offers the celebration of a real civil union (the civil partnership) of course abroad! And why not in London?!

From our main office in London (and liaising at the same time in Rome), we are able to lead you through the entire process: from dealing with the paperwork to the choice of the best location in the beautiful capital, then assisting with punctuality,professionalism and relieving you from many problems mainly related to the language and geographical barriers.

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Remember that marriages performed abroad are not legally recognise in Italy, at least until the Italian Parliament will legalize marriage between people of the same sex, but we will continue to hope that sooner or later this will happen. In the meantime ... ask us how to get marry in London and we will help you out!

Ciao Cristina

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