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Honeymoon with a notebook

I have always had a fixation: create a notebook for all my holidays. Each time I come back from a vacation, I gather thousands of little objects (drip mats, pictures, museums' tickets, little maps, small stones, etc..) that are going to end up in a drawer. Unfortunately, I never have time to get them out of there and re-create my trips through them. Next time though it will be different...

honeymoon notebook

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I have decided that before leaving for my next holiday, I will buy a small notebook, plenty of pencils, scissors, glue and I will create my notepad on the way...I will write down each feeling or any episodes that will happen during my trip. 

So, i think that is important to have a place to note all the exciting places you can think of and things to do in your ideal honeymoon destination. Whenever it's Bora Bora or the Isle of Skye, Bermuda or Bognor, we all have thoughts about the most wonderful places we could go on honeymoon.

honeymoon notebook

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It will be needed a lot of passion and the skill of writing down on paper what you feel or see. But why don't do this on your honeymoon then? Whether it is going to be a wild adventure or a sweet one, Lili Wedding Rome wishes you that it will be very special. so.....Fill it with doodles, notes, and cut outs of lovely places you long to visit. Simply put, fill with everywhere and everything that you would love to visit, and plan your honeymoon advneture together.

honymoon notebook

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honeymoon notebook

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