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How to make your husband happy

Curious about what will really make your groom a happy husband? We have the answers !!

happy husband

We found this article in which Aaron Anderson from Denver's Marriage and Family Clinic explanes what makes husbands happy in marriage.

How do men want to feel loved and what can partners do to show their husbands they care? His intuitions might shocks you and your perceptions. Anderson says that women don’t pay attention to the emotional aspect of men. "We're almost expected not to have feelings. But times have changed and men don't need to escape from wild animals who are trying to eat their families anymore. So underneath their roughness, men want to feel loved and cared for — just as much as women do."

Men want to feel desired.

Anderson says that, "Men want a woman who is autonomous, who has her own desires, goals, whishes and plans how to achieve them. They like a wife who can achieve her goals on her own want a woman who doesn't need them but she asks for him to be in her life because she wants him. They want to feel like a priority in their wife's world, they want to feel that their wife is in harmony with them and their desires and not just the kids or their endless to-do list, gripes, recriminations. They like to be romanced just as much as women do. They like to be taken out on dates or any kind of simple surprise that says, "I thought of you. This reminded me of you. I love you."

Men like to feel safe.

Indeed, Anderson explains: "A happy husband likes to know that his wife won't take advantage of his failings and will keep his anxieties safe while he's working on them. And a man particularly wants to feel like his wife is helpful of him in his challenges and not using his challenges as reasons to walk away."

So brides, try to take into account the emotions of your husbands and they will be able to honor your love. So, let us know if you can put these little tricks on the right way and how it's going

happy husband

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