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Lili Wedding Rome at Work

Lili Wedding Rome at Work

Whether you have lived together for years, or if it was love at first sight, LILI WEDDING ROME is the solution for you. Being based in both Rome and London allows us to carefully and professionally take care of every aspect of the organisation of your special day, taking you step by step to the realisation of what, not so long ago, was only a dream! Thanks to a thorough understanding of Italian bureaucracy, we’ll complete all the administrative procedures, help you make choices that best suit your needs, advise you on the most stunning locations and plan your trip to one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world: ROME!

We offer four different services. You can choose which of these services would best meet your requirements:

1- the whole organization of the wedding: RANGE FROM £1,700 to £ 3,500

2- the wedding day coordinator: RANGE FROM £250 UP TO £ 500 

3- help with single services you might need: 10% OF THE FINAL AMOUNT SPENT FOR THAT SERVICE

4- completion of all the legal documentation: RANGE FROM £ 350 UP TO £ 550 

Lili Wedding Rome

1 - We'll organise your whole wedding from the beginning to the end

Should you wish to give us the full organization of your wedding, we will provide you with the following:

Consulting advice, including unlimited support via telephone and email;

Planning and organization of your wedding in every aspect;

Scouting the location for the ceremony & reception;

A face-to-face meeting with you in Rome or London;

Excellent use of your/our time and resource optimization;

Management and coordination of all selected suppliers,

Handling all necessary legal documentation;

Budget control;

Wedding day coordination

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2 - Wedding Day Coordinator

This formula is ideal if you have already arranged most of your event, through friends and relatives living in Rome. You already have a location and are in contact with the floral designers and make-up artist but you need someone to coordinate the day of the event because you want friends and family (who have so far handled everything on your behalf) to enjoy the party like everyone else. You need a professional who does not leave anything to chance, who remembers the sequence of the songs, who prepares the schedule of the event, who can arrange the decorations and ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day.

This service is called WEDDING DAY COORDINATOR and includes:

Meeting with the bride and groom a month prior to the event;

Coordination of suppliers,

Tips and hints about final preparations,

Event timing,

Presence on your wedding day from the time you have your make-up done to the end of the reception,

Monitoring the whole process (placeholders, tableaux, booklets making, fittings),

Preparation of the table of favors and sugared almonds (if required),

Greeting the guests,

Unlimited support via email,

Joy, balance, serenity.

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3- Single Service

This proposal is useful if you only need a couple of services, but don't have the time to look at them personally. Lili Wedding Rome is able to suggest the best supplier in Rome based on the requests that you are looking for: You like the idea of a photo-reportage instead of the usual static and boring album? We have the solution for you. The American style’s wedding cakes are your favourites but you don't know the chefs who can replicate it? We can sort this out for you. Would you like to give your guests an Italian style favour but don't know the traditions of the “bel paese”? We can help you on this too.

Lili Wedding Rome at work

4- Legal Paperwork

There are a large number of laws and protocols which must be observed and can be confusing for foreigners. The procedures vary from country to country, from Embassy to Embassy and therefore there are practices to be performed, contacts to be made to different offices, translations to be validated, etc. If you need only the processing of paperwork we can certainly help, processing at Embassies, government offices and municipalities.

​PLEASE NOTE: If you do not live in London or if you would simply prefer to meet in person to discuss specific details elsewhere we are willing to travel.

LiliWeddingRome at Work