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Meet the Team

Cristina and Paola

Paola & Cristina met years ago thanks to a shared passion for dancing. Both were professional dancers and studied with the same teachers in Rome.Contrary to what usually happens in show business, we immediately got on well and become very good friends. Thanks to the summer tour of the Italian TV programme "la sai l'Ultima?" back in 2000, we spent months travelling around Italy and formed a great bond.

paola - Lili Wedding Rome

Time didn’t separate us, even when Paola moved to London in 2005. Despite the distance, we were able to strengthen a sincere and deep relationship.

​We believe the secret of our friendship is down to the ability to see things through the other’s eyes and being able to be honest with each other (an indispensable skill especially now that we are business partners!!!)

Over the next few years Cristina ran the secretariat of companies’ events for political parties, whilst Paola continued as a professional dancer and choreographer and integrated it with a passion for filmmaking and organisation of events.In the summer 2011, we took the bold decision which has changed our lives forever.........LILI WEDDING ROME

Cristina had been thinking of starting the business for a while and in the summer of 2011, she asked Paola to become her business partnerin this fantastic adventure, as she was sure it was the winning choice: same origin, same passion, similar tastes, complementary skills and lots of energy and positivity. From the minute we committed to this project we’ve never looked back and never stopped.

We undertook training courses to enhance our expertise organising events focusing specifically on weddings; we designed the logo, we worked on the site, we carefully selected our suppliers and even today we continue to upgrade our capabilities.​In these early years, we have arranged several exciting marriages, realising our dream which continues to grow each day with great satisfaction.Cristina has become a professor of wedding planning and passes onto students what she has learnt in those years of experience. In last few months, a new member has joined th team….. Fabio is an old friend of Cristina and an expert in Web Marketing.

Cristina Liva

ristina has been working as event planner since 2001, first in the show-business and cultural environment, and later, specifically for art-exhibitions.She also boasts extensive experience creating and hosting political events.She is now a teacher for “ Accademia degli Eventi” in Rome, where she holds regular courses for wedding planners. Empathy, competence, versatility and great entrepreneurial qualities are her distinguish traits.

​Qualification: marketing, communication, locations and suppliers management. Degree in Statesmanship (2001) and in Communication Science (2008)

Languages: Italian, English, French.

Paola Lizza

Since 1999 Paola has been working as a performer & choreographer in show-business in Rome and since 2000 she has been organising cultural events.In 2005 she moved to London to broaden her career whilst at the same time collaborating for fashion shows and private events.Her skills in coordination and organising landed her jobs as assistant director for short films and music videos.Distinctive characteristics: attention to detail and plenty of creativity.

Qualification: Degree in Department of Letters and Philosophy at the Third University of Rome, in Theatre Direction and Organisation.

Languages: Italian, English, French.