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More tips for your make-up

Dear Lili Wedding Rome friends,

Here you can find more tips for your make-up from our trusted friend Simona Re.


" Ciao girls, I am pretty sure that few of you have been treating themselves by going under the hands of a professional make-up artist, who was perfectly able to improve your look. So I will list below few tips for you not to forget:

- cleanse and moisturize before and after applying the make-up

- apply the foundation on every part of your face: including the eyes' area.

- concealer: use yellow shades for the purple ones, the green's for covering redness or orange for the blue ish.

- powder: you need it to fix the whole thing; make sure is all good before applying it because after using the powder, the little mistakes cannot be fixed any more

- eye pencil: to soften it always with a brush; fix it with an eye shadow of the same colour or a different one to get "the good look"

- mascara strictly black!!

- Blush with a pink or orange shades depending of the foundation used at the beginning. You can apply this while smiling so that to highlight the cheeks

- thermal water to define the result.

Take the excess of the powder away and give light to the skin. You can spray it during the day to re-touch your make-up."

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