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Fabio Montico Photographer

Fabio Montico

Fabio Romano Montico is passionate about the world of professional photography since he was still a student. He worked with many important photographers and then he opened his first studio when he was only 24 years old. He is specialized in portrait.  In the field of wedding photography He was one of the first phptographer that embraced a revolution among the first digital innovation in the creation of the books of marriage.  In 2004 he  created the "Alter imago LTD" working on the communication for clients such as the BCCR, the Province of Rome and the City of Rome. He is a member of Team Entertainment, television production company that has been manufacturing for several years, the "Flying Carpet" by Luciano Rispoli and other major broadcast television for national broadcasters from Italian Channel "RAI". 

**Many pictures on liliweddingrome.com were taken by Fabio Montico

Fabio Montico Photographer
Fabio Montico Photographer Liliweddingrome
Fabio Montico Photographer Lili Wedding Rome