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Perfect nails for a Special Day

Hello dear friends!!

After few articles about beauty, carried out by Simona Re our favoourite make-up artist, Lili Wedding Rome has been in contact with Sonia Di Giuseppe, specialist in nails and creator of "NAIL YOURSELF", the first school of nails reconstruction that will reach you at your house.

Every brides must reach the altar in perfect condition and in the process of making the preparations for the big Day, it cannot be missed out a good manicure appointment, mainly because your hands will be the star of the day with you.

perfect nails

They will be shoot while exchanging the rings or giving you a caress. Sonia is willing to give good discount to Lili Wedding Rome's brides!! This is what she says about her passion:


The art of the nails' decoration is very ancient. The use of nail polish date back to Chinese and Egyptian era when the colour of nail could indicate the social class. Recently, taking care of your nails has become part of our lives. The first to go to nails specialist in oder to have special and perfect hands were the brides. The specialist though must be very good at re-create the idea of elegance and semplicity that characterise the bride

Sonia Di Giuseppe

On the special day, we need to remember that there are other important women that want to appear impeccable: the bridesmaids, who can match the nails' colour to the theme of the wedding or to the dress that the bride has chosen for them. Have a good day. Cristina

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