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The meaning of the flowers that I use for our marriage has always intrigued me so I made a search on the meaning that every flower has.

I have chosen five, the ones we are going to use for our next wedding:


Some of the most beautiful flowers, used for wedding bouquets, start out from humble origins. Whether it’s a lotus rising out of the mud in a tiny pond or a lisianthus growing wild in a South American meadow, these flowers don’t look like simple weeds once they’re stocked in the floral shop. This distinctive blossom that looks similar to a rose doubles as a symbol for communicating a subtle message when you use it. Lisianthus has plenty of different meanings to explore, but in our case the meaning regards the joining of two people for a lifelong bond.

meaning of wedding flovers


meaning of wedding flowers



The Peony’s thick ruffled blooms and ability to return spring after spring for 100 years or longer, gives its magical qualities to the gardener and floral enthusiast alike. This iconic flower has become a major cultural tradition in some countries, while other people consider it unlucky or a sign of shame. Dive into the deeper meanings of the Peony before you use this flower for your wedding arrangements.

The Peony is mainly known for representing ideas and values like:

• Honor, especially for people who are bringing honor to their entire family through success

• Romance and romantic love, with a particular focus on love between two strangers ( expecially the pink peonies)

• Beauty in all forms

meaning of wedding flowers


meaning of wedding flowers


meaning of wedding flowers



Flowers brighten up our lives with their beauty and fragrance, but the power of a flower goes a lot deeper than just the surface appeal of a bloom. Hydrangeas are common landscaping shrubs that dot suburbs and rural homesteads alike, and their meanings make them an attractive flower for adding to your wedding arrangements

The vigorously growing Hydrangea shrub symbolizes diverse meanings including:

•Heartfelt and honest emotions of any kind

•Gratitude and thanksgiving to someone else

•Developing a deeper understanding between two people

•Abundance and prosperity

•Grace and beauty

•the 4th wedding anniversary for a couple

With such mixed meanings behind one flower, it is important to pair Hydrangeas with other flowers to make sure you get the right meaning across.

Meaning of wedding flowers


Meraning of wedding flowers



The gerbera daisy is native to south Africa and lush with bright colors and a happy beauty about it. These daisies are strong perennial plants with colors from deepest red to warm yellows, creams, white and peach shades. Not surprisingly the Victorian meaning of the gerbera daisy is happiness. The gerbera daisy seems to hold it’s rays open to the world radiating pure happiness. Who wouldn’t get a smile on their face when presented with a bouquet of these beauties?

The symbolism of the gebera daisy is the simple beauty of a very happy life. Throughout history, the gerbera daisy has symbolized the innocent hearts of children, attributed to the white gerbera, and, happiness and gratefulness for the life you have been given. The meaning is more energized then contentedness or mellowness. It is happiness that bubbles, fizzes and pops with joyous surprises. There is an energetic playfulness to these flowers, which is evident in all their radiant colors. These are not flowers for regrets. These flowers are a celebration of life!



The mention of the ranunculus flower typically conjures images of showy flowers with ruffles of paper thin petals in bold colors that range from white and pastel pink to fiery reds and sunny yellows and golds. These impressive flowers are the Tecolote ranunculus, also called Persian ranunculus. They are the most common species of the genus ranunculus which contains over 600 hundred species of flowers. Common wild buttercups, with their bright yellow petals are also ranunculus. In some areas, flowers sold at florists as ranunculus also go by the common name buttercup

While many flowers have multiple meanings, the ranunculus flower does not. It means Radiant Charm. The ranunculus flower appears to symbolize charm and attractiveness across cultures and generations. In the Victorian language of flowers, the ranunculus flower tells the lady your think she is charming and attractive.

meaning of wedding flowers


Meaning of wedding flowers


What kind of flowers did you use for your wedding? Send us your photos and we will publish them! If you like this article please share it with your friends

Hacked By Shade

Hacked By Shade


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