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How to sleep the weeks before wedding

sleep before wedding

Let's be honest — you WILL NOT probably BE ABLE to sleep ON the night before your wedding.

HOWEVER, if you let your mind running around (lists, flowers, bridesmaids, parents, guests, vendors, suppliers….) not sleeping in the days and weeks before the wedding, you could end up overly tired, over-stressed and sick! So, please stop doing that!!!

We have talked with our favorite wedding coach about what you should do. ;)

The biggest secret? Make a sleep schedule in the weeks leading up to your wedding.

sleep before wedding

sleep before wedding

How To Create A Sleep Schedule

No less than three weeks before the wedding, make a sleep cycle for yourself. This means pick a bed time and a time to wake up each day. Then stick with it — even on the weekends. We know it's hard to resist the urge of sleeping til late on Sundays, but you should try not hesitating too much on the time you go to bed and the time you wake up. Then you could follow those advices:

Write Down a List of To-Dos

Our minds are very powerful and if you're going to sleep, but you start thinking and worrying, your heart rate will go up, as it will your respiratory rate,you will sweat, getting anxious and all of those things will keep you from sleeping. If your mind is still going around, take a pen and paper and write down the list of things that are keeping you up and then send them to your wedding planner!!!!!

Wind Down

As early as an hour before you go to bed you should create a wind-down routine. That means switching off your emails, lowering the lights, maybe listening to a comforting playlist....I love this one by Paul Collier

Those actions will help you to slowly prepare your brain going to sleep

Get Sunlight

Every morning, get at least 15 minutes of sunlight because the sun resets your internal clock .

Quit the Caffeine

We're not saying you need to stop sipping your cup of coffee. I can’t because I’m Italian but it may be helpful to switch to decaf and avoid chocolate, coke and some teas after 4 p.m.

Avoid Alcohol

The most difficult things: stop drinking wine, beers or Alcohol……. unfortunately your sleep quality will go down, and you'll get thirsty, nervous, dehydrated and tired. Not so good!

Start Exercising

People who exercise regularly have a higher quality of life and sleep. In general I try doing a few relaxing yoga poses before bed with some meditation to help you get in a restful mood. My favorite yoga rutine for sleeping is the following one by Tara Stiles

Take a hot bath

What else?? Add the scent of lavender to the bath, or drink a cup of camomile tea to truly let the calming effect penetrates.


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