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Street Food Weddings

One of our couples, has given me the idea to write a blog-post about STREET FOOD.

They have asked me to organize their wedding, using street food trucks and this is what I've learned about this new real trend!!

Street food has been enjoying an huge success in cities across the world. Every city has its own specialties: in New York it’s the hot dog, Rome loves pizza, Amsterdam has chips and peanut mayo, and here in London? Fish and chips of course!

street food wedding

Credits: www.rockmywedding.co.uk

These trucks could be more used to food festivals and farmers markets, but they’ve started to be used for private parties and for weddings too. Nice, casual, and totally tasty, food trucks can be a quirky, memorable and an often friendly-budget way to feed your guests at a relaxed wedding.

How can you give a personal touch to the food at your wedding, then having it supplied from small and coloured food trucks?

street food wedding

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street food wedding

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1) Make sure you’ll have enough food. Some of your guests may have big appetites (people often won’t have breakfast before the wedding) so be sure to have a lot of burger, pizza, chips, appetizers or whatever you likeThink about toppings.

2) Talk to your food truck vendor about additional extras: for example, they may serve only one special dish and have a buffet table with salads and sides alongside the truck.

street food wedding

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3) Choose standing-friendly food. Please be sure to choose small dishes that your guests can manage (with a glass of bubbly in hand!).I always have problems in keeping a plate and a glass at the same time

4) Talk to your truckers about the service and speed. There is a special standard to follow during weddings and you MUST be sure that your vendors are in line with the high standard expected at weddings.

Then, you have to be sure that your supplier know what’s expected (napkins, presentation, time-frame), and that they have enough staff and supplies to meet the demands of your guests.

street food wedding

Credits: www.valesecrets.it

5) Check with your venue. Ask about permission for parking/trading outside your venue, you could even need to enquire about electricity hook-ups. Make sure there’s space for your truck to park in case of rain.

6) Pick vendors you love the most. Street food suppliers ( you can use supplier as well not only vendor) are some of the friendliest people around, and they’re passionate about food. Select somebody you’ve tried already and liked their food.

7) Depending on your friends and family, food truck refreshments might seem a little unconventional. Perhaps let your parents and old uncles know in advance what to expect, so they’ll get into the spirit of casual dining.

8) Finally, be careful to keep the weather in mind. What if it rains, is baking hot, or super windy on your wedding day? Consider all options when choosing where to position your truck, and how to plan the logistics.

street food wedding

Credits: www.poidogphilly.com

street food wedding

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A new blog post is following with our ten favorite ways to feature a food truck at your wedding. 

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