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The Origins Bridal Traditions

Bridal Traditions Origins

We have already talked about bridal traditions origins around the world and we discovered that many traditions come from far away.Many traditions come and go but there are some classic’s one that have been around longer than you think (and we can still see them in many wedding ceremonies nowadays)!As wedding planners, one of our…

European Wedding Traditions

european wedding traditions

Wedding traditions aren’t just limited to tossing bouquet and wearing something old, new, borrowed and blue, like italians do but there are many disparate ways to say “I do” and the “fil rouge” of those tradition is always LOVE. When love and happiness ever after are the outcomes, it’s a win-win for BRIDES AND GROOMS.We’ve…

Ispiration Wedding: celebrities

inspiration wedding

August and holiday in the air…….. little information on the web and many dreams! All those things make me travel with my imagination…..When I was young, there were fairytale weddings that Are stuck in my fantasy and even today, that the dream has turned into a wedding planner’s agency, we let ourselves be inspired by…