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The first day of Love

first day of love

Few days ago I had the fortune to meet Eva, an amazing lady in her 50's who will get married for the second time (next February).

She has chosen Lili Wedding Rome for organising her Big Day. With her permission I will tell you her story, which I find it very romantic and touching at the same time.

Eva met Domenico when they were teenagers and after few years, they decided to get married. Their wedding looked like a movie : passion, intensity, sharing everything, intimacy , laughs, projects and dremas. Well....the perfect love!! 20 years of commitment where they went through difficult times and crisis; moments in which the relationship looked it couldn't work out any more but then no, they were still together. However, 4 years ago Domeico lost his job and big issues start to arise. Eva needs working double shifts whilst Domenico gets into depression, bringing their relationship where no laughs, no hugs, no talking were still alive. After a year of silence and failing attempts to solve the situation, Eva leaves.

first day of love

At this point of the story, I couldn't wait to know who was supposed to be the new man in her life, when to my big surprise I found out she will marry Domenico again. As skeptical as I am, it was a huge shock for me and took advantage of the situation....

I questioned Eva about it and she said:

"I will marry him again not because he started to court me again, not beacuse I realised his love was true and sincere, but simply because we have been able to feel the same feelings for each other that we had 20 years ago when we first met. I will marry him again cause Domenico is always Domenico and we still feel the same happiness of being together"

Thanks Eva for sharing your story with Lili Wedding Rome

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