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The TRUTH…does it kill us or set us free?

truth about love

Lately this question has been the "hot point" of discussion among Lili Wedding Rome friends.

The opinions are very different and often contrasting, depending on the experiences. Some of them believe is better to know the truth from the very beginning, some think we better not, and other are in struggle because they don't know whether to say some facts that could change the relationship or not.

As usual we are asking you your opinion and thoughts, but in the meantime I will tell you mine. On the concept of truth I believe, and agree, that knowing it in total is the best approach to life and with what/who is around us. Only by knowing how is the situation we can relate to others, comprehend the reasons behind some strange behaviours, make right decisions and re-build the pieces, already broken, of our reality. I have always looked for the truth and I will always do it, above all in love, even though this can be painiful and brutal.

truth about love

Not all of us though think in this way....sometimes people cannot tell the truth because are scared of the mistakes they have made, want to protect us and don't believe they will be understood or misconceived.

Unfortunately, or luckily, the truth will always come up and and it will be the one we don't want to hear and the one it will change us for ever!! The problem comes when WE know the truth and we find ourselves in between the need to say the reality and the love we feel for our partner; we don't know whether to take responsability for it or pretend that nothing has happened....questioning ourselves if the thruth is really an act of love toward the one we love!!

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I have made my choice and I have chosen to be coherent with what I feel and my values: THE TRUTH WILL ALWAYS SET US FREE, from any point of view.

It is always painful and break our hearts, but if we face it, it will free us from chains, deceit and expectations.

Have a lovely day. Cristina

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