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Civil Ceremony Wedding

Civil Ceremony

LiliWeddingRome Civil Ceremony Wedding

If you want to get married with a civil service, there are several options in Rome: SALA ROSSA in CAMPIDOGLIO, gorgeous and monumental COMPLESSO VIGNOLA MATTEI, near Caracalla, a de-consecrated church which is now an enchanting venue for Civil Ceremonies.

VILLA LAIS, the chapel of which is ideal for weddings for few close friends and family. On other occasions the city of Rome allows the use of different locations, but this is on a case-by-case basis and dependant on special agreements made between the owners of the locations and the city.

Don’t forget though that just outside the city centre of Rome there are lovely and gorgeous little boroughs that have a charm entirely of their own. Imagine yourselves surrounded by the amazing settings of the Bracciano Lake, surrounded by the warm colours of the Roman countryside and captivated by the smell of the Castelli wine, or just by the seaside, seduced by the lapping of the waves.