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Baby Sitter and Dog Sitter

We’ll even take care of your pets and kids!

Dog Sitter

Would you like your dog to feature in your special day?
Lili Wedding Rome is offering a dog sitting and training service for all animal lovers who want their dog to be part of the wedding day. We rely on trustworthy dog trainers who can teach your dog to deliver the rings to the couple, behave during the ceremony, stay still for pictures and even put a lovely red bow around their neck. We will also look after your dog throughout the day. Our trainers will walk them, clean them and keep them entertained so you can relax and enjoy your day in the knowledge that your pooch is happy and ready to make an appearance as and when you require. Why don’t you take advantage of this?

LiliWeddingRome Dog Sitter

Baby Sitter

Of course we are also able to offer you a professional baby-sitting service to entertain your children during the ceremony/reception with fun games, puppet theater, clowns, magicians and much more.

LiliWeddingRome Baby Sitting Entertainement

Photo by Fabio Montico