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Wedding Legal Paperwork

We'll organise everything for your wedding, including the legal paperwork

One of the more complex aspects in the organisation of a wedding abroad is the bureaucratic formalities. There are a large number of laws and protocols which must be observed and can be confusing for foreigners.

The procedures vary from country to country, from Embassy to Embassy and therefore there are practices to be performed, contacts to be made to different offices, translations to be validated, etc.

Generally speaking, we can say that you need some documents such as:

1- Valid identification document on an international level, so a passport

2- A birth certificate from your homeland translated and authenticated at the Italian Embassy in the country of origin

3 - Nulla Osta from the country of origin, which shows that there are no impediments to marriage according to the law of the country of origin and that the person is free to marry.For some nationalities such as Austrian, Spanish or German instead of the Nulla Osta, they must provide a Capacity certificate issued by the Civil Registry Office of the municipality of residence and a birth certificate with fatherhood and motherhood released on an international model.

For American citizens and Australians, the procedures are even more complex. For this reason it is necessary to rely on a good professional who is able to navigate the jungle of the bureaucracy and accomplish the whole procedure speedily and smoothly. We can help with processing of paperwork at embassies, government offices and municipalities.