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Wedding venue in Rome

wedding venue in rome

Are you looking for a fabulous wedding venue in Rome?

Lili Wedding Rome works with different locations and all of them are very nice and chic! Today, we would like to point out a truly splendid one, for those who love the sea!

This Venue is located by the beach in Ostia Lido, a small village 30 km from the center of Rome, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

shilling ostia

The entrance is situated within a large pagoda, decorated in the ethno-chic style: large floor-cushions, lamps in parchment, handmade wood according to Balinese tradition and a bar in the center of the pagoda which serves delicious drinks.

Outside you can find three different areas where you can dine, dance and have a drink at sunset watching the sea. The chef is of first order, he is specialized in seafood dishes, but it is available to satisfy every culinary desire.

If you like the idea of ​​dancing barefeet on the sand, this beautiful location offers the chance to use the private beach in front of the restaurant or the white wooden platform where there is a small stage and the DJ booth!

Surrounding by tracks, some wooden structures - that looks like great double beds - can receive your guests, so they can relax before romping to your wedding party!


The thing I love the most is the white and chocolate preparation, decorated with olive trees, bare with lanterns attached to the branches.

Those lanterns are illuminated at night with candles.....the show is really romantic and the holiday atmosphere is unforgettable.

Wouldn't be nice to have all these sensations on your wedding day? If your answer is YES, Please contact us to find out how. The first project / estimate is free !!!!

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