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Winter Wedding’s cake: Chocolate

Are you looking for something special for your wedding cake that will warm your heart for your winter’s wedding?

Would you like to delight the palate of your guests? do you love chocolate?

If all your answers are YES, then you are in the right place….

I have to confess that I am a HUGE fan of chocolate, no matter where I find it ( cakes, choco-bars, hot-drinks, cupcakes….) . Sometimes I want a simple cake; other times I need something more extreme, like a chocolate cake full of cream and jam.

Here are some of our favorite cakes that really hit the spot in the winter weddings.

chocolate wedding cake

An almost-naked chocolate wedding cake adorned with a bushel of grapes and a modern decorative branch.

chocolate wedding cake

A naked chocolate wedding cake, dusted with powdered sugar and sitting atop a rustic wooden tree stump.

chocolate  wedding cakes

Rich, chocolaty browns conjure up the best of winter. Ana Parzych Cakes whipped up a cake in the shade that featured wedding-worthy white flowers.

A four-layered naked chocolate cake with vanilla filling and dripping chocolate glaze.

chocolate wedding cake

A two-tiered naked chocolate cake topped with fresh flowers.

chocolate wedding cake

A three-tiered chocolate wedding cake with white flower details 

chocolate wedding cake

This caramel-y take on yellow cake features mini chocolate chips and alternating layers of creme-anglaise buttercream and crunchy walnut toffee. The entire Jason Schreiber confection is then covered in fondant and dotted with regular-size chips attached with royal icing.

chocolate wedding cake

This cake is a chocolate lover's and beer lover's dream. Layers are filled with buttercream, drizzled with caramel and chocolate ganache, then topped with glistening candied pecans. The cake gets moisture from butter, yogurt, and stout—though craft beer fans can customize with local chocolate-friendly brews.

Which one of these would you crave right now? Let us know and please share this article with your friends

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