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Winter Wedding’s decorations

winter weddig decorations

Over the past few days I have been thinking about the floral arrangements for our next winter wedding.

Lauren and Harry asked me something special and I’m working on it: been checking the blogs of my favorite international floral designers, chatting with my personal florist and gathering ideas for this beautiful couple.

Brides who are getting married in winter, like Lauren, may worry there will not be many floral selections and colors available. The truth it is far from it! There are many winter wedding flowers to choose from and here you can find out what I have learned about winter flowers for weddings:


Wedding bouquet of mini cymbidium, orchids, silver-brunia,anemones, pinecones, roses, eucalyptus, Vendela-roses and dusty-miller by Rountree-Flowers


Wedding bouquet of cotton-wood, lily and eucalyptus pods, banana stem, berzelia-berries, silver-brunia, astrantia-scabiosa-and dusty-miller by Lauryl-Lane

Romantic Winter Whites

White weddings have always ruled in winter, but an all-white color palette doesn't have to imply dazzling and annoying white. Trendy brides and grooms mostly choose a soft, "antique" white effect, made up of flowers in creams, ivories, and even very pales hades.

As for the blossoms themselves, consider a mix of classics like white amaryllis, calla lilies, orchids, tulips, and anemones. This combination can create an effect of gently modulated color and texture that will look both elegantly intonation and absolutely romantic.


Wedding centerpiece of dusty-miller,-silver brunia, anemones,ranunculuses and tulips by Melarosa-Inc.

Greenery and Foliage

Florists can increase fullness of your centerpieces and bouquets by mixing grey and silver leaves with some touches of dark green. You'll obtain an icy effect that reflects the season .

Gorgeous, Joyful Reds

Some shades of reds have become extremely popular for weddings in December and February. The best red winter blooms are: roses, anemones, amaryllis, lilies, calla lilies, and orchids, just to name a few.

Floral designers are using "monofloral" arrangements in which only one kind of flower is the main "protagonist" showed off in some different shades. Another idea is to use mixed and variegated colors; a broad palette of shades including ruby, vermillion, wine, and plum are combined for a visually intriguing and elegant effect.

winter wedding's decorations

Wedding bouquet of roses, orchids, berries, and greenery by Winston-Flowers


Wedding  bouquet of ranunculus, scabiosa and dahlias from-Tin Can Studios.jpg

winter wedding's decorations

Wedding bouquet of clematis, anemones, calla lilies, trachelium, ranunculuses and lotus-pods by Fleurs-NYC

Pinecones, feathers and decorative elements

I love the compositions in which there are different elements like pinecones, white and red berries or pepper berries, which add a real and enchanting winter atmosphere. Some brides add feathers and pearls to their flowers arrangements to give a touch of charm and mistery to the winter wedding decorations.

winter wedding's decorations

Wedding bouquet of clematis, anemones, calla lilies, trachelium, ranunculuses and lotus-pods by Fleurs-NYC

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